Braces Week 3 & Billy Joel

And just like that the first week of summer came and went! We stayed busy but the good kind. Our first week was filled with vacation bible school for Elsa and Gretchen and some alone time with Charlotte. Charlotte entered into the Plein Youth Art Contest and will submit her drawing of the Cedar Creek waterfall on Monday. I was impressed with her detail and dedication to the coloring, it’s fun to see her mature.


I’ve had braces for 2.5 weeks and my mouth is still sore. I’m finally eating solid foods but mostly very soft ones. Chewing with my front teeth is absolutely not possible. I tend to eat very slowly and have to cut up my food with a knife and fork. I had stopped into the ortho office to have a rubber band replaced and asked about the soreness and she said some people are more sensitive than others. Blah. That’s me. Mrs. Sensitive. I guess I’ll have to just keep plugging away and see how it continues to go.

billy joelBilly Joel

On Saturday we drove up to Green Bay to witness history. Billy Joel played at Lambeau Field, his first visit to Wisconsin and only the 4th concert to be played at Lambeau Field. We had field seats and sat somewhere near the 35 yard line. The concert started pretty late but he played for 2.5 hours! It was such an amazing concert and we were surrounded by great friends. I knew most of the songs as they are so classic. It truly was breathtaking to see him play live, something Kevin and I will remember forever! We were hot and sweaty but there was no rain and a fantastic light show on stage. Billy Joel had a pretty good sense of humor, cracking some jokes in between hits and also singing with a fly swatter to combat the bug problems he had on stage. Welcome to Wisconsin summers!

Joel doled out a generous 26 songs — mostly monster hits, a few B-sides and a pair of covers that spanned The Beatles to AC/DC. Rock, pop, doo-wop, jazz … all accounted for in the evening’s seamless mix. Vienna” handily beat out “Just the Way You Are,” “For the Longest Time” (with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” serving as Joel’s vocal warm-ups) trumped “An Innocent Man” and “All for Leyna” edged out “Sleeping with the Television On.” He worked in live show staple “Zanzibar,” featuring Carl Fischer on jazz trumpet, a cover of The Beatles “A Day in the Life” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and “New York State of Mind” as massive images of New York City swirled on the video boards behind him. You can read more from the Green Bay Press Gazette here with play list.

So summer is in full-swing here at the LaPean house. We dived in with both feet. Charlotte leaves for Girl Scout camp this week so stay tuned for an update there. I’ll continue to update you on the braces journey. I have a check up on week four.

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