Party of 5 Adventures

Thanks for stopping by to escape with us on an adventure. Some families pack it all up and travel for a living but not us. We live outside of town, send the kids to an amazing school, and travel whenever possible.

Due to COVID, we had to cancel a few big trips we had planned. I know we were not alone in the struggle to travel places. One thing it did shed light on– it made us realize just how precious family time is, how fast life moves, and how important it is to have less and DO more. We hope to travel as much as work schedules allow.

Our three daughters are tweens now and they still love spending time together as a family. One thing our girls do really well is HIKE. We love to hike! We’ve hiked in Germany, Austria, Hawaii, and Colorado with the girls. There are lots more adventures in store for us. You can follow our Party of 5 Adventures YouTube Channel here. In 2022 we hope to visit Switzerland, Iceland, and Hawaii again.

I hope that our adventures inspire you to have a little less stuff and gain a little more adventure. The world is so big, you’re gonna want to see it!