July 4th Fashion

I remember the first year I watched our town 4th of July parade. It was 100 degrees and I had two little kids. We sat at a friend’s house at the end of the parade and it was SO long. Our little town has a 3-hour parade! Families put chairs out the day before and we have rules about when you can leave your seat unattended. It’s so big that the 3rd has turned into a party just waiting for the 4th to arrive.

When I was a kid we visited my Uncle’s house for the West Allis July 4th Parade. I always got a baton to twirl on the sidewalk. Later on we would head to a friend’s lake and my dad would shoot fireworks off the dock over the lake. It was a huge party and we were always a part of it.

The last two years our school has had a float in the town parade. My girls have dressed up in red, white, and blue and helped to cheer to all the parade watchers. They really had a blast and were thrilled to ride the float instead of walk. They smile. I smile. I have a few drinks. It’s a fun day! I can’t imagine not taking part in some festive activities. It’s been such a big summer memory my entire life. But each year I think about what red, white, and blue clothes I have on had to wear. If it’s super hot, I end up with an outfit change or two.

Here are my season picks for festive outfits. Stores don’t always have a section curated, but if you search for the colors you may find something you are looking for. Have a Happy 4th of July and always remember to pay it forward and be a little kinder.



  1. Red Star Tank from Evereve (one of my favorite stores to shop at).
  2. Roxy Trucker Hat, decked out in red, white, and blue– just like our flag.
  3. Striped Embroidered Tank from Escapada. Resort wear at its finest!
  4. Braeve Embroidered Dress found at Evereve (of course). Off the shoulder too.
  5. Scout cooler, must keep your beverages cold! Online or at Amazon.
  6. Cherry Red Slip-ons from Ugg “Sammy”. Comfortable, breathable, fashionable.

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