Hair Donation

This is the summer of short hair. Charlotte has long, beautiful, thick hair and it’s horrible to brush through! She isn’t old enough to properly take care of her own hair and with all the swimming we do in summer, her hair situation gets even worse! Instead of doing a normal 4-5″ cut for summer I told her ahead of time we were going to grow it a little longer and cut it short in order to donate it to some children who need wigs. Her hair is just perfect for this.

Final hair donation

Normally I cut the girls’ hair but for this I took her to my salon and had it professionally cut. She got a little teary-eyed but it was a combination of “whoah my hair is gone” and “whoah I kind like it.” She looks super adorable with short hair and it will be so much more manageable for her! (Like the 4-day summer camp when I’m not there to brush it!)

We are mailing the hair to Children With Hair Loss. The kids do not have to pay for their wigs and a friend recommended the organization. Charlotte is pretty excited to do this and I think it’s a great way to give back. If you can donate at least 8″ of hair, see if your daughter (or you) would do it too.

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