Random Acts of Kindness

Happiness. Success. Do they go hand in hand? If you are successful, will you be happy? The answer is NO! It’s the other way around, happiness creates success. So then you ask the question, how can I become happier? Well maybe it’s time to start creating happy habits. I’ve been reading an amazing business self-help book titled The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. He talks a lot about success and how it’s relative to being happy.

Original video here:

Today I want to focus on kindness. Now this is a hot topic lately, especially if you have children. We all like to imagine the world in a time where people are just a little kinder and a little less selfish.

So as Olson recommends, commit to doing a random act of kindness today (and hopefully every day this year), but for now, start with today. Doing something kind for somebody else each day will most definitely add another layer of happiness to your life.

Doing something kind doesn’t have to be complicated, you could take two minutes to send an email or a text to somebody you know praising them or thanking them for something they did. You could hold open doors all day long, you could call a friend and offer to bring over coffee or a meal. Use Amazon Smile to donate a percentage of your purchase to an organization in need. Celebrate a teacher at school. Give somebody flowers today.

For example, after I wrote this I walked in the garbage and recycling cans for two of my neighbors, let people skip me in line all day, and held the doors open for others every time I went though one. It’s-the-little-things-people.

The ideas are endless and don’t need to be complicated or even thought out. if you really try to do a random act of kindness each day you will in fact be spreading happiness! Just imagine if we all did this and really meant it.

So that’s what I leave you with today. Make yourself happy by spreading happiness and let’s see where that leaves you a year from now. A lot happier I bet. If you follow me on Facebook, you can catch my Live videos every Tuesday at 1 p.m. CST. See you then!

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