The Key to Friendship

Today I want to talk about friendship, something I wholeheartedly value. After all, I have some outstanding friends in my life but more importantly, I really think that I return the expectation and am a great friend back– always give more than you take.


One of the other books I read, as suggested by my great friend Kathleen, is Never Unfriended by Lisa Jo Baker. Holy cow! This one hit home! You must purchase (to reference in future years) and read this book immediately.

Friendship is hard work, just like any other relationship. And I truly believe that what you put into a friendship you’ll get out of it. If you are an excellent friend you’ll have excellent friends, make sense? Today, focus on making time for your friends. And if you do this every day, with the compound effect, after a year, you’ll probably have the best network a girl could ask for.

Lisa-Jo reminds us in her book that it’s not the number of friends we have but the depth of our friendships. Quality, not quantity.

Have you ever had a really bad day and then met that great friend for coffee? Then after an hour you realize how much better you feel? That’s the magic of amazing friendships. They are judgment free and full of love. So today I challenge you to be that amazing friend. Focus on even one friendship and make more time for it. Be a giver, not a taker.

Lisa Jo says one more profound point. Become a woman who wants to see the women around her flourish. I truly want that for you. Whatever it is that you are doing, I want you to be successful at it, I want you to be happy. It’s time that us women become powerful and kind. We need to support each other no matter what. Leave the judgment in a closet!

So that’s the challenge today, work on your friendships, even a little harder. You’ll be amazed how powerful they are in a year from now.

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