Last Day of School

Woah, school ended Friday! We are totally ready for summer here. For those family and friends that are following the girls, here is an update.

IMG_6366 Charlotte just finished 2nd grade. She still loves birds but has her heart set on being a horse trainer and moving to Kentucky. She still hasn’t taken horse lessons and doesn’t really beg for them, so maybe some day.

Charlotte is really starting to grow up. We get some attitude from her and I gently remind her that I’m the boss and she’s still 8-years-old. She is playing piano each week and can read music and play with both hands. School was great for her. We need to work on journaling this summer and brushing up on money and telling time, but she’s smart and does well in school.

She has a fun summer planned with some basketball and volleyball camps, a 3-night Girl Scout camp, a mother-daughter Girl Scout camp, and swim lessons. She can now do the front crawl pretty darn good! We spend a lot of time in the water during summer.


Gretchen just finished Kindergarten! She has grown so much this last year. Although not at the top of her class, she’s doing awesome and is reading books on her own! This summer she’ll work privately with a teacher for one hour each week to keep her reading skills strong. She’s a phonetic reader which doesn’t always help, but considering she had an Apraxia diagnosis three years ago, she’s rockin!

Gretchen wants to be an artist not a fashion designer anymore. One thing is for sure, she’s creative. She had a fun year at school (new school for her) and made lots of friends. Everybody loves Gretchen.

She is also excelling at swim lessons and can do the front crawl. She’s a strong girl and is really loving gymnastics. We signed up for a summer round and she can finally do a cartwheel! Gretchen is doing a farm camp, Girl Scout camps, swimming, gymnastics, and lots of reading and playing this summer. She already has a tan– my little tan baby.


Elsa Jean the baby isn’t a baby anymore! She finished 3K preschool, her first year at school and totally lost the “baby” in her face. She listens really well in school and had a super fun year. I’ve spent a lot of time alone with her this year and she’s just a joy to be around, but when all three girls are together she struggles being the smallest and having the shortest legs. This kid is ready to take charge and lead the way! I remind her that someday she won’t be the smallest anymore.

She’s also doing Vacation Bible School, swim lessons, and a day at Farm Camp. Elsa is super smart and is obsessed with letters. She sounds out the first letter of every word. buh-buh-buh-Bus. Bus starts with b, buh-buh-buh. She is just itching to read!  Elsa follows Gretchen around and really wants to be her, which is why she now wants to be a fashion designer. But with that being said, she sure does create a lot and will sit and paint/color/draw for hours!

Gosh I love the girls. We are working on manners and having a fun summer!

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