Le Tote, is it worth it?

There are many different clothing subscriptions out there. It’s no secret that retail stores are dying and the online industry is booming. Not only are women shopping online more but with clothing rentals and the chance to try-before-you-buy, shopping online has never been easier. It’s literally commitment free.

This week I tested out Le Tote, an online clothing rental with option to purchase. Here are the basics.

  • No commitments or contracts, cancel any time
  • Choose from three monthly plans ranging from $59-$75/month for 3 clothing items + 2 accessories up to 4 clothing items per box
  • Free priority shipping both ways
  • Wear everything for as long or as little as you want, just mail back when you are done and the next Tote ships out
  • There is the option to purchase anything you love at a discount by holding on to it
  • You can choose the items that are mailed out, unlike some services that just send you a mystery box

By browsing through tops, coats, pants, athletic wear, and accessories you are able to create your own “closet” which stores your favorites. A simple survey of measurements when you join gives you a good idea about what size you’ll be in the clothing. Each clothing item also gives you a few really nice photos of a model in that item and her measurements and height. It’s a good reference for you to look at.

IMG_7645Here is a photo of my closet that I’ve created. I’m not much of an accessory girl so I wish there was a cheaper option of not having accessories.

As you add to your closet, it’s best to rate your pieces and help Le Tote truly learn your style. The more you rate and favorite, the better your next tote will be. That’s personal style at it’s easiest.

IMG_1073.jpgIs Le Tote Worth It?

If you want to be on the edge of style and don’t want to purchase a new wardrobe every season then it’s definitely worth it. I also see the value in women that need to wear nice clothes to their job each day. Dressing up for work can be a hassle– and expensive. By renting clothes each month, you can save a ton. With a promo code I found, I paid $50 for two totes this month, each containing 3 clothing items + 2 accessories. That’s a lot of variety for $50.

Out of the three tops, I wore only two of them. The red stripes didn’t seem to flatter my body type. I also think the blue blouse was not my color. As tempting as it is to just keep everything in the box, I sent it all back except for the scarf. The color and print of it just fit my style. I love it! At this point, I realize I paid $50 for some clothes I never wore. Not sure if that is worth it or not. If you are seriously going to wear all the things in the Tote it could be worth the money each month. Other subscription services are free unless you decide to buy something. I see the pros and the cons to Le Tote.

But alas, I work from home and in the heart of the Midwest. I care about what I wear but not to the point that I need to be wearing the top fashions each week. Let’s be realistic here, I live in jeans and some days I go without seeing another adult except for in the pick up line at school.


Style notes: The Kenneth Cole earrings were beautiful but being worn before, the clasp didn’t work great. I sent them back for this reason. Overall, the sizing was good. I got a medium in all three shirts and I’d say they were appropriate. I could have sized up in the SMILE sweater– which I wore and it bought me good luck all day! Today I scheduled a day to get my braces off. The stripes were not flattering on me. And if the blue blouse was in my closet, I’m not sure I’d ever reach for it first.

I’m due one more Tote with my subscription and after that, I think I’ll be canceling (or at least on hold) my membership per my thoughts above.

Good luck with your Tote! Want a free one? Try this link! https://letote.com/freetote/ERIKA1821

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