Family Weekend

This past weekend was our 4th annual Horstmeyer Family Cabin weekend. As always, a huge thank you to my in-laws for letting us use their beautiful home for a few days. It’s always challenging when 14 people occupy one space for 4 days but somehow it always seems worth it in the end.

The kids are starting to get so big which means things like eating and bedtime get that much easier. They can stay up a little later and sleep a little later too. We are really fortunate to live in Wisconsin. The amount of beautiful lakes we have access to is incredible! I swear all the beaches are pure sand and seem to walk out forever, which makes swimming with the kids a little easier. The weather was perfect, little to no rain, and the mosquitoes weren’t so bad– kids managed to escape with just a few bites.



This time, Kevin took all the kids to a natural rock slide in a river that he used to visit as a kid, “Slippery Rock.” I didn’t have a chance to go with but it sure looked fun! The kids really enjoyed it. I’m glad he could relive a part of his childhood all over again. So here are some fun photos from the trip. It’s really hard to believe that August is almost here and out comes all the school stuff. Too fast summer, too fast.


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