Put down your yoga pants 

People do yoga in yoga pants?

Athleisure wear is all the rage. Companies like Athleta, Title Nine, and Lululemon are making lots of money off women running around in spandex leggings and sweatshirts that hang off one shoulder. Does anybody actually work out in these clothes? It’s doubtful that it’s the majority.

coco chanelDo you know the saying “dress to impress?” This saying isn’t just for the external viewer but for you, your internal thoughts! It’s time to put down your leggings and reach for the jeans.

Every day I venture out of the house and I see moms [or just women, I can’t really say they are all moms] wearing athleisure wear and I know they will never reach the gym. We live in a face paced world where dry shampoo is a staple [My fav is EVO and Living Proof] and work out clothes for every-day-wear is normal. And if I’m totally wrong [which I am not] then please don’t wear your sweaty clothes all day long. For one, it’s really bad for your skin. If the sweat is trapped between your skin and tight-fitting clothes, the moisture can mix with the skin’s bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells to create a pimple. Ew!

But moving on, it’s been proven that if you look good you feel better about yourself. Looking good doesn’t mean you need to have an expensive purse or the 30-minute makeup routine, but it does mean that you need to shower, brush your hair and teeth, and not wear clothes that look like pajamas out in public. I know leggings are stretchy and sometimes it’s hard to button those jeans, but listen up, it’s time for you to splurge on yourself and buy a pair of expensive jeans. Your perception of yourself is totally gonna change.

Photo cred Kris Drake Photography/ Evereve

Have you ever seen this Mom Butt article? It’s a great read. A mom tried on cheap jeans and expensive ones and it’s incredible the change of her shape in the good ones. You pay more for brands like AG, Hudson, and 7 For All Mankind, but let me tell you, you’ll feel so good in them, and you’ll look good too! These pants all have a better cut, they are more flattering with the pockets, they have stretch, and many of them are high waisted! Yes, even I like to tuck in my belly roll.

Time to go shopping

So, where do you start? My suggestion is going to the nearest Evereve store and telling one of the girls that you need new jeans and that this will be your first pair of good jeans. The girls are so awesome at these stores and I promise they won’t lie to you.  Now be prepared to spend over $100, maybe $150 on jeans, but I promise that it’s worth it. You are worth it! Warning, many of the jeans have a “worn in” look but if you find a pair that fit great and make your butt look better than it ever has, you can probably head to the brand’s website and order a different color with no rips. Side note: there are lots of places to buy jeans but this store just happens to be a personal fav.

I really feel that it’s time to bust out from the yoga pants. Once I bought a pair of good jeans I never turned back. I always feel great wearing them and they are just as comfortable. You can still wear a messy bun and spray your bed head with dry shampoo, but just take off the yoga pants and slip on some jeans. Switch your running shoes for comfy flats and you are good to go. It’s time that you get to feel like a million bucks, even if you only got four hours of sleep last night and the kids cried in the van all the way to school. You can do it, I believe in you!

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